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Service Project

posted Apr 16, 2018, 8:27 PM by Angie Farley

“Hi, this is Ms. Siebach’s 5th grade A.L.L.. Part of our class is doing a refugee service project. We are going to donate to a goat project company that will give goats to refugee families. The families can make a family business with the goat, by using it to “mow the lawn” for companies. The goats will also be able to provide food for the families. To get the money to buy a goat, we have decided to have a Penny Wars. Our goal is to reach at least $200 by April 27th. The rules are simple, you want to put coins in your grade's jar and you can sabotage other grades by putting dollar bills in their jars. Since this is a service project, there will be no reward. Good luck and have fun! The Penny Wars start on Tuesday, the 17th, before and after school.”