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Alpine School District Notice: The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis, otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.

Classroom Supply List for Miss Mills

I am asking for a small donation ($25 suggested) to help with projects, art supplies, and field trip expenses. Here is a copy of my list of other recommended supplies.  Any that you would be willing to send would be wonderful.  

Individual supplies (need to be labeled with your child’s name):

-1 pencil box to store supplies

-1 set of basic headphones or earbuds to use in a cd player for a reading center

-Basic Crayola watercolor set (8 count colors)

-1 binder half inch thick for homework

Supplies for entire class (please do not label with names):

-2 sturdy plain-colored 2-pocket folders for writing folders (please do not label with child’s name)

-Elmers liquid white glue

Year-round donations that are so appreciated at any time during the school year:

- Easy to store snacks (Goldfish crackers, animal cookies, pretzels, graham crackers, fruit snacks, etc. - pre-packaged in individual portions preferred)

-Transparent tape, copy paper, black EXPO markers, Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich size)

-Kleenex boxes (with lotion to help prevent bleeding noses)

-Napkins, baby wipes and Clorox wipes, liquid hand soap for sink, Hand Sanitizer


Any other donations intended for your individual child that are not on this list will be sent back home. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me. Thank you!


~Miss Mills ~