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Welcome to your 6th grade school year. I am so excited that you will be attending my class and I am looking forward to getting to know you. The following list will help guide you in buying the things you need for class and some of the items you can keep at home.
·       A pencil bag is optional. No pencil boxes please. There will be limited room in your desk due to books and journals.
·       A small pencil sharpener that catches the shavings is a great idea.
·        The school will provide an official Foothill Elementary home work folder.
·       A 12 count of colored pencils. If you want a larger set (24) you could get that. Not too large-as desk space will be a problem. No crayons are needed.
·       We will have plenty of rulers. However, if you want your very own or some cool version- go for it.
·       Pencil top erasers, pink pearl, or kneaded rubber erasers would be handy.
·       Scissors and glue sticks-optional. We will have plenty.
·       A small bottle of hand sanitizer or box of tissues would be nice but not necessary. 
·       No markers please.
·       Water Bottles are ok, if desired.
·       We have all the paper and journals ready to go at school.

·       Throughout the year we will have several projects which will be presented in a variety of ways. You may want to keep a look out for:
    *    A 3 sided display board 
    *    Flash Drive
    *    Shoe box
    *    Box of toothpicks
    *    Box of aluminum foil
    *    Various donations for our class store (the students will earn classroom currency during Social Studies)

Last of all. If you are in-between paychecks and need to wait to contribute, that is fine, down the road we will need more supplies as the "beginning of the year" things are consumed.  If you would like to donate to our class to cover various supplies and class projects a $25.00 donation would really be appreciated. Checks made out to Foothill Elementary or cash.
I can't wait to see all the projects and new ideas from our class!

Mr. Nolan Hansen
6th Grade A.L.L.