A few things we want to remember about putting on a concert

Here's a list of some of the things we've learned or would like to remember about putting on a concert at our school:

1. Practice entrances and exits with the children: how they can go up on stage in an orderly, quiet, professional way.
2. Teach the children performance manners, such as not getting up to get a drink during the performance, to not talk to neighbors, and to clap without calling out specific performers' names.
3. Call time should be early enough to have children be able to warm up sufficiently but not so long that they start running around.
4. Remind the parents about the performance at least on Monday of that week. The day before is even a great idea.
5. If you are taking donations, make arrangements for someone trustworthy to be with the money box the entire time donations are being accepted. Put the person and the box in a prominent spot (i.e. the entrance) before and after the performance. Prepare a sign to let people know about the donations.
6. Put up a "Shhh....Performance in Progress" poster on an easel in the hallway outside the gym.
7. Ask someone to hand out programs at the door. Ask them to close the front doors to the gym when the pre-show begins at 6:50 pm. Put up signs on the backside of those doors that says "Concert in progress: Please use the rear doors to enter the gym."
8. Give announcements at the beginning of the show: Directors come up after to pick up their flowers. Children come to the front to their director to pick up their treat, etc. 
9. Tell the children and parents to meet in their practice rooms at call time.
10. Copy the registration forms early in the week so that they are ready the night of the performance. Put the forms in the concert programs and the leftovers on the piano along with a box for collecting them that has a sign on it ("Completed Music Registration Forms. Due on -- date at -- time." Move the forms and the box to the front office after the concert is over.
11. Copy lyric sheets for the school song to put into the programs if you will be singing it with the audience. (See PDF below.)

Elizabeth Livingston,
May 9, 2014, 5:52 AM