We currently have two orchestras at Foothill. Both meet on Wednesdays before school (8:00m) and end at 8:50 am. 

Children who participated in Beginning Orchestra can participate in Intermediate Orchestra. Each child must have their own instrument (the school does not provide instruments) and currently take music lessons with a private music teacher for their instrument. You can contact our Intermediate Orchestra director to determine eligibility if a child hasn't completed Beginning Orchestra. 

Children who participated in Intermediate Orchestra, or who meet the following standards, can participate in the Advanced Orchestra. You can contact our Advanced Orchestra director to determine eligibility if a child hasn't completed Intermediate Orchestra. 

All students:        Currently study with a private teacher, and have played for at least one year
                            Know note names of all notes located in their instrument's staff and clef (see below)
                            Know all note values (sixteenth, eighth, quarter, etc.)

Violins:  Know A, D, G, C, and F Major scales (one octave is fine)--having them familiar with low 2, and low 1
Violas:  Know D, G, C, and F Major scales---having them familiar with low 1, and extended 3
Cellos:  Know D, G, C, and F Major scales---having them familiar with low 1, and extended 4

Participation in orchestra is free except that you must purchase the music books for home practice and pay for a t-shirt, if you would like your child to own a t-shirt. You should also own a music stand for home practice. Your director will provide information about purchasing choir shirts.

Because we are a volunteer organization, parent participation is encouraged. We can use musical and non-musical help (directors, accompaniment, wardrobe coordinator, "Music Mom"--the group's parent coordinator, printed program designer and preparer, poster designer, concert set-up and clean-up, newsletter reporter, photographer, etc.) Please tell your director how you would like to help.

Children who sign up for orchestra should plan on attending EVERY WEEK. If you have your child enrolled in multiple activities, please remember that this is an activity that requires commitment and practice. A child who doesn't practice or come to rehearsal affects the whole group. If your child will miss more than 3 times for reasons other than illness, you should not sign up your child for orchestra. Thank you. 

Orchestra is NOT a babysitting service. Please only sign up your child for orchestra if they WANT to be there and IF they will practice at home. Parent volunteers have a big job teaching music to many children without the challenge of uninterested children on hand. Thank you for your cooperation. We can, of course, accommodate a child with special needs as long as the parent communicates effectively with the directors to provide a situation with sufficient support for the child. We love all children but are limited in our ability to meet needs without additional parental support. (We are not superhuman.) PLEASE tell your director about any FOOD ALLERGIES or other special needs your child has.

There are times when children do not behave appropriately over a period of time and whose disruptive behavior adds too much of a burden to the group and director(s). If this happens, we will contact you and see what solutions can be worked out. If the circumstances are such that the behavior doesn't change, we will kindly ask you to wait another year to participate. Thank you for your understanding. 

If for any reason you choose to withdraw your child from orchestra, please have the courtesy to CONTACT your director personally so they know. We are never offended when a child or parent chooses not to continue participation, but it does make it difficult if a child simply stops coming and we don't know if they have quit or are sick, on vacation, etc.

To register your child for orchestra, please go to the Music Registration Form page on this website.

Thank you! :)