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Ski School 2018


Ski and Snowboard School


Foothill Elementary

Please note that ski/snowboard school is an after school program sponsored by Sundance ski resort and that information about the program and links to registration forms are provided here only as a service to parents and students. The program is not otherwise sponsored by Foothill Elementary, Alpine School District or the Foothill PTA.



Registration open until November 1, 2017 – Feb 1, 2018!


2018 Season Info


Dates: Feb 12 

            Feb 26 

            March 12

            March 19

                 All Mondays from 4:30-6:30 pm


Ages:         8 and up for skiing

9 and up for snowboarding.

Cost:  $200 or $160 with season pass

Due by Feb 1, 2018!

       pay to Katrina Larson via Venmo or check


Rentals:  Ski/snowboards  $10 per session

               Helmets                 $5 per session

               (paid directly to Nymans)


Questions:  Contact Katrina Larson @ 801-361-0287 or


3 Easy Steps to Register:


1) Complete the registration form


2) Complete the Sundance waiver:


3) Pay the fee before Feb 1, 2018:

 $200 or $160 w/ a season pass 

Sundance requires 1 check for the whole school so please pay Katrina Larson via:

          -       Venmo - under email address: 

-       check made payable to Katrina Larson  - turned in at the Foothill front office

-       check made payable to Katrina Larson - mailed to 1526 E 1060 N, Orem, UT 84097



About the lessons:
Lessons are taught by Sundance instructors for 2 hours. Make sure to dress kids warmly as the first day it can sometimes take about 20 minutes to get everyone organized before they head up the lift  - this can be a great time for parents to get together and figure out carpools if they haven’t already. First timers walk up to the bunny hill but usually go up the lift later in the first lesson, sometimes the second.  All the classes do a first run and then instructors adjust if any of the kids need to be in a different level. Each group includes about 6-8 kids of similar ability. 
Students meet just east of Ray's lift (the main one at the bottom near the restaurant, etc.) before the lesson and that is where the groups end their lessons and can meet parents. Kids can continue to ski till close after the lesson but they don't have instructor supervision after 6. Most of the younger kids are tired and head home by then but some of the older kids stay - usually with a parent.  Parents are responsible for transportation but Sundance encourages carpools by offering a discounted night skiing pass to parents who drive carpools - $15 instead of $40.  If you are interested in the discount lift pass, contact Katrina Larson before the lesson.

Once you are registered, DON'T FORGET TO:


Get your gear! – if your child doesn't have their own skis or snowboard, you can rent them at any local shop. We recommend renting from Nymans, just south of Foothill.  You can stop in at your convenience to get your child fitted (the sooner the better) - then Nyman's will have your rentals ready to pick up after school on each ski school day and you can return them the following morning.  For ski school, discounted pricing is $10 per session for skis/boards and $5 for helmets. Helmets are suggested but not required. Rental fees should be paid directly to Nyman's.

Please also make sure kids have good coats, gloves, hats, ski pants, etc. so that they can stay warm and dry - especially when it's snowing! 


Plan Rides! – parents are responsible for transportation and we encourage carpools! Night skiing lift tickets are available to parents who drive a carpool for $15 (regularly $40) during our school’s lessons - let me know in advance if you are interested!  


ARRIVE EARLY! You will need time to park, ride the shuttle if the lower lot is full, walk up to Ray’s lift, and get all gear on BEFORE start time.  It’s so sad when a whole class has to wait for a late-comer or the late-comer misses the first run and has to wait till the class comes back down - this can take 30+ minutes!  


Kids get a lift ticket at each lesson and are welcome to continue night skiing or boarding after the lesson until the resort closes close but parents are responsible for chaperoning them during this time.


Let me know if you have further questions!

Katrina Larson





Program Terms and Conditions:

* NO REFUNDS after classes start.


* $50 late fee for any students who add after the deadline  (No one may add once the first week of lessons is completed)

*Parents are responsible for transportation to and from Sundance.

* All students must have a completed and signed release form from a parent/guardian.

* Skiers must be at least 8 years old to participate & snowboarders must be at least 9 years old.

* Helmets are suggested but not required.

* Students can continue skiing or boarding after the lesson until closing without supervision of the Sundance instructors. Students are encouraged to ski with a parent or chaperone after ski/snowboard class.



Guide for selecting class level:



(Sundance School Programs)




LEVEL 1                YOU HAVE NEVER SKIED BEFORE.                                                                




LEVEL 2                YOU CAN STOP AND MAKE SLIGHT WEDGE TURNS.                                                                    


LEVEL 3                YOU CAN MAKE ROUND WEDGE TURNS.                                         


LEVEL 4                YOU CAN MAKE CONTROLLED WEDGE TURNS WITH A PARALLEL, SKIDDED FINISH                                                                                                                                                                                             




LEVEL 5                YOU CAN MATCH YOUR SKIS PARALLEL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE "WEDGE CHRISTIE" TURN.                                                                     


LEVEL 6                YOU CAN START TURNS WITH A SLIGHT WEDGE OPENING THEN QUICKLY MATCH TO A PARALLEL. YOU HAVE A POLE PLANT.                                                              






(Sundance School Programs)  




LEVEL 1                NEVER BEEN ON A SNOWBOARD.                                                                  


LEVEL 2                SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO A SLIDE SLIP, FALLING LEAF, AND  TURN.                                                                     




LEVEL 3                SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO C-TURNS, S-TURNS, ON THE GREEN  TERRAIN.                                                                 


LEVEL 4                SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONTROL TURN SHAPE, DO DYNAMIC SKIDDED STOP AND BE WORKING ON FLAT SURFACE 180'S.                                                                      




LEVEL 5                SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO BASIC CARVE, RIDE SWITCH, AND BE WORKING ON JUMPS AND GRABS.                                                                 




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