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Wellness Week

This week is Wellness Week! We have decided to try some new things with Red Ribbon Week this year and we hope you’ll find the daily activities and conversation topics meaningful for you and your child. Here are the plans for this week:
Healthy Relationships: Respect SELF and OTHERS
Challenge for the Day- Do as many kind acts as you can today for as many people as possible
Question/Discussion for Parents“How did you serve others today?”
Lunch Activity- “Graffiti for GOOD”, Chalk the Block
Smart Media: Good Media Choices (Quantity, quality, and risk)
Challenge for the Day- Go the day without looking at a screen (TV, tablet, phone, etc.)
Question/Discussion for Parents- “What should you do if you see something inappropriate online?”
Lunch Activity- None (Halloween)
Super Self: Positive Self Image
Challenge for the Day- Share something you are good at with someone else
Question/Discussion“What do you love about yourself?”
Lunch Activity- Emoji Bingo
Strong Bodies: Nutrition and Exercise
Challenge for the Day- Do 30 minutes of outdoor activity today
Question/Discussion- “How do you feel when you exercise and eat healthy?”
Lunch Activity- Obstacle Course
Red Ribbon Day: Drug Free Me
Challenge for the Day- Wear Red to School and Pledge to be Drug Free
Question/Discussion- “What are harmful substances? Why is it important to not put them in our bodies?”
Lunch Activity- Join Foothill Elementary Pledge: Sign posters and pledge to be drug free!